Latest Have A Go Session

Grimsby Archers is holding a have a go session. This free to everyone over the age of 10.

9th June 2024 10:00 – 12:00 


Wilton Road


DN36 4AW

Wilton Road, Grimsby DN36 4AW

Age Requirement?
The person taking part must be over the age of 10. Juniors under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and cannot be left alone. The adult doesn't have to take part. 

Do I have to be fit to do archery?
Archery is a very inclusive sport that most people can take part in. It is your responsibility to disclose any health conditions that may affect you, or affect your ability to participate, in confidence to a coach or a club official. 

Do I have to wear anything special?
When attending the have a go session, for your own comfort and safety, please

• tie back long hair
• wear shoes that completely cover the foot (sandals, flipflops and crocs are not suitable)
• dress appropriately for the British weather. You will be stood in a field for about ½ an hour. Several thin layers work better than one thick one, so you can shed or put on layers as you get warm or cold.
• wear a hat and/or sunblock to protect you from the sun / rain as appropriate.
• Avoid clothing that is too baggy or has long tapes/ties that could get caught in the bowstring. 

Is your venue wheelchair friendly?
Wilton fields is a wheelchair friendly building. The field is as wheelchair friendly as most sports paying fields can be. 

Can I get a drink or something to eat?
Wilton fields is friendly public bar that sells drinks and food. The Sunday lunch is very nice. 

Do I have to book in advance?
No just turn up on the day between 10:00 and 11:30 

What do I do next?
So, since you're still reading, you're obviously still interested, so why not join our events mailing list to let us know your interested and to keep informed about this and other events. 

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